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Tips on traveling in New York City

Considered one of the country’s safest cities, New York City welcomes its visitors. New Yorkers are friendly and extremely helpful so don’t worry about asking for directions or other information. We also strongly recommend when you’re planning your itinerary, that you look for venues that are within walking distance or a short bus or subway ride away.
For up-to-the-minute traffic conditions, call 511.
For general NYC information, call 311.

Mass Transit in New York City

New York is known for its traffic, so it is best to use mass transit (subway and bus) when traveling in most of Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn. For other parts of metropolitan NY (the outer boroughs and suburban counties) use either mass transit or chartered bus service.

School group Transportation

School buses for school trips are available when not needed for pupil transportation, usually between 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Cititrek staff will confer with the school administration for using either school bus or charter bus service for a school or class trip.

New York City is made for walking.

people walking

When using mass transit, seek assistance from the clerks found at most stations. Purchase a 7 day MetroCard Fun Pass if you plan to use the subway and bus frequently. Only MetroCards or COINS are accepted on a bus.NYC Metro Card

For schedules and other information, click here:
Metropolitan Transit Authority.

Metro Card Deals.

Taxis and Limousines
in New York City

All taxis are regulated and the fares are posted on the doors. Upon entering a yellow cab, tell the driver your destination. The meter will post the cost of the trip and the surcharges (for example, for night travel) are added as indicated. No driver is permitted to refuse you a ride.

Taxi, van, bus and train services are available from LaGuardia, JFK and Newark Liberty airports. Check individual airports for their services.

Limousine and car services are also available by contacting individual companies. They are not metered; request a price quote from the service agent and confirm it with the driver. Tips are appreciated.

More information can be found at Getting around by Taxi in NYC
In the event of any problems, call 311 for assistance. After the lenghtly recording an operator will answer.

Call toll free
855-TOUR-NYC (868-7692)

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